1 Glenelg

Inspired by the scenic coastal setting of Glenelg, our design resonates with the area’s natural beauty, embracing organic shapes and neutral hues to establish a serene and tranquil ambiance for our client’s Ensuite. The incorporation of elegant and distinctive curved design elements, including the bath, basins, and led backlit mirrors, further enhances the space. Through the thoughtful integration of organic shapes, calming neutral tones, and subtle yet delightful touches of colour, the Ensuite is transformed into a delightful retreat. Hints of turquoise in the rippling textural feature tiles behind the client’s vanity drew inspiration from the salty ocean waves close by this esplanade home. As a result, the apartment underwent a remarkable transformation, evolving into serene retreat that perfectly harmonised with the captivating natural beauty of Glenelg’s coastal environment.

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