Different Kitchen Designs for Your Adelaide Home: Trendy Layout Ideas

Adelaide households are commonly considering kitchen makeovers. As such, architects and interior designers have been discovering unique ways to improve the design of these spaces for their clients. While some prefer going with a traditional look, there is a growing interest in modern kitchen designs that make use of neutral colours and simple geometric shapes.

Other Adelaide homeowners might find certain retro styles that were used in the 1950s to be appealing. They can even opt for kitchen layouts with Spanish influences, which feature arches and tiles. These are only some of the motifs commonly found in Adelaide kitchens.

Every person has his or her own idea of what makes a ‘perfect’ kitchen layout. The best designs are those that make efficient use of space and allow for free movement.

Today, we’re taking a look at some contemporary kitchen ideas for your upcoming home revamp.

Galley Kitchen Layout

Kitchen designers in Adelaide will often suggest galley, which involves the placement of appliances and cabinets in a parallel layout. Open-plan kitchen designs, such as the galley, are ideal for rectangular kitchens with limited space. They’re great for butler’s pantries and laundries as well.

This layout often provides more flexibility in terms of the placement of appliances. To make the space more appealing, the addition of lighting is recommended. Optimising the flow of a galley also involves spacing each side between 1200 to 1800 millimetres.

One-Wall Layout

Among the popular kitchen designs in SA, there is the one-wall layout. As the name suggests, your cabinetry and appliances will only occupy one side of the kitchen. People choose this layout because it creates openness in a space.

This style is particularly ideal for apartments and smaller homes. However, it requires careful consideration and planning to ensure that there’s enough space for food preparations. This is because the cooktop, refrigerator, and sink will occupy the majority of the space.

Kitchen experts suggest using the dining table for preparing the food. A butcher’s block can also solve the limited food prep space.

U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

U-shaped kitchens deliver plenty of room for storage and food prep. The layout involves taking the space of three walls and adding an area of entry.

Make this layout work by featuring a gap of 1500 millimetres between surface areas. This way, you can freely move and easily gain access to your appliances. A U-shaped kitchen is recommended for homes with larger kitchen spaces.

It’s important to plan how to maximise your space to allow good flow. Check for storage solutions that will optimise corner cabinets. You can even place an island bench as it will provide you with more workspace and a social area for meals.

Choosing the ideal kitchen layout is dependent on a number of factors. It’s highly recommended you talk to our kitchen experts so that you can narrow down your options. Our team at Creative Home Renovations can help you from start to finish.

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