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Home Extensions Adelaide – Love where you live but need that extra space? Many people prefer not to build new for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you love your home but are just short on space, you may have great neighbours in a great neighbourhood, maybe the home is sentimental to you. Whatever the reason, it is important that the decision to either stay and renovate or move and build is carefully considered. It can be difficult to place a value on your feelings towards your home so renovation is a great way to have the best of both worlds.

An addition or extension to your home is a clever way of increasing your homes floor area, and when done right, the addition or extension can also add tremendous value to your property. At Creative Home Renovations we are very experienced in home extensions Adelaide, and understand the importance of clever design and planning to maximise space, functionality and value.
We have simplified this process for our clients with a 3-staged approach for our home extensions and additions. Please read below to understand how this process works and what occurs at each stage.

Home Extensions Adelaide

Home Extensions Adelaide and Additions Process

Creative Home Renovations takes care of the entire process including home extensions Adelaide design, supply of products and materials, and construction. Our Master Builders (MBA) accreditation, and fully licensed team of tradesmen ensures you peace of mind that your project will be built to Australian standards with a superb quality finish.
Home Extensions Adelaide

Adelaide’s Home Extensions Specialists

Bathroom Renovation Companies Adelaide | Choose the Best in The Business!

Our home extensions Adelaide are as simple as designing, selecting, then renovating. We work closely with clients to make sure our work perfectly encapsulates their personality. While design is important, the overall goal is to provide practical solutions to complement your lifestyle. Whether that’s adding storage space or creating an extra bedroom for the kids, we’ll make sure the final product matches its purpose. The Creative Home Renovations team is made up of a range of specialists with diverse skill-sets. Our in-house capabilities enable us to manage your project from end to end. We have designers, project managers, site supervisors and construction hand who work collaboratively to deliver well-rounded results. We have a strong team dynamic and fantastic company culture that stems from a shared passion to be the best. As a result, we’re now in a league of our own! Call us for your home and bathroom renovations Adelaide.

Home Extensions Adelaide

The Process of Adding an Home Extensions

Every project is different from the next, so we maintain a detailed process to make we cover all aspects of your home extensions Adelaide. Stage one is the design concept. This is where we conduct a site inspection and take down the dimensions for the client consultation. We thoroughly go over specifications of the modified floor plan and identify any structural requirements. Stage 2 is planning consent, which involves lodging a number of documents for council approval. We check to see if there’s any modifications to the existing design and begin detailing how we’ll approach your project. Stage 3 is building consent, which is the last stage of the council submission process which provides approval to commence work. We map up everything from the drainage and electrical plan, to the roof layout and shadow diagrams. Once the above details have been confirmed, it’s time to build your home extensions Adelaide hills!

What Can You Do with Your Home Extension?

Home extensions Adelaide are a fantastic way to up-scale your home. It works out to be much cheaper adding space to your existing home, as opposed to purchasing the same amount of space in a new dwelling. You don’t have to move out and compromise your location or lifestyle, you can just simply upgrade! Here are some of the most common ways to utilise the extra space:

  • Home Gym—a peaceful work out space to start improving your fitness.
  • Office—to avoid distractions.
  • Extra living area—away from the kids!
  • Wine cellar—for your refined collection.
  • Entertainment room—how about a pool table?
  • Arts and craft space—a bit of natural light can really inspire!
  • Home theatre—they’re not just for the rich and famous.

Of course, there’s no limitations when it comes to your building extensions Adelaide. You have complete creative freedom! Call us to discuss design concepts!

If you’re ready to get rolling with your home extensions Adelaide, give the team a call on (08) 8332 6300. While you have complete control of the design, we offer advice on products and materials to make sure you get the best value for money alternatives!

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