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Pool Area – Pool Renovation Services in Adelaide

If your pool is looking tired and in need of a little TLC, the team at Creative Home Renovations can help bring your pool back to life. There are a number of techniques to revitalise even the most tired looking pools, but our team will initially perform an assessment of the existing pool to ensure the structure is sound, free from rust, cracking, and all plumbing services are in order.

Improving the aesthetics of the pool can dramatically improve its look and wow factor and will add value to the home as well. Our design team will work with the client to design a concept that enhances the look and function of the pool while remaining within budget.

Pool re-tiling is a common upgrade, whether it be a complete pool re-tile or a wide band around the pool perimeter. Pool tiles are commonly available in either ceramic or glass and although colours can vary, clients will often opt for a blue or green variant.

Adding pool lighting can enhance its night-time appearance as it reflects off the pool tiles. Temperature control with solar or gas heating can add a level of comfort for year-round usage of the pool. Considering these factors with the design team at Creative Home Renovations is one of the many key benefits of working with our company.


Pool coping can quickly give the appearance of a new looking pool. Depending on the clients tastes and budget, either a simple re-coping of the pool with tiles or pavers can be achieved. For an even greater impact, paving or tiling around the entire pool area will dramatically enhance its look and style. A variety of porcelain tiles or natural stone pavers can be used around the pool. Creative Home Renovations’ new showroom hosts a dedicated selection of natural stone pavers and tiles including silver, light, or classic travertine, bluestone, granite and marble variants for clients preferring the natural range of stone.

Alternatively, for a seamless look, exposed concrete aggregate with seeded pebbles provides a stunning, low maintenance and comfortable surface around a pool.

Have a chat to our friendly staff about options for your pool renovation Adelaide and what can be achieved.


Our Pool Renovations Adelaide

pool renovation Adelaide could drastically increase the re-sale value of your home. Nothing sells quite like the idea of having a resort in your own backyard! Not only are there aesthetic benefits, but the entertainment value is equally as promising. Australian’s will take any opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, and a pool is always the centre of activity. The work we deliver at Creative Home Renovations is innovative, modern, and 100% matched to your design criteria. We provide a level of work that is absolutely unrivalled by others in our field. Whether you’re going for Malibu beach, Bali resort, or Fijian tropical paradise appeal, our skills have got you covered. We recommend the most dependable products and materials to ensure long-term durability and style. If you want your pool renovation Adelaide to be completed by the best in the business, bring your vision to us!


The Creative Home Renovations Team

We have a team of in-house specialists who work collaboratively on your pool renovation Adelaide. Project managers, architects, designers, site supervisors and construction hand work simultaneously to deliver a full turn-key product in minimal time. You won’t have to stress about quality assurance, because our team operate at the highest standards. Our director, Stephen Maio, is incredibly proud of the team’s extensive capabilities. He has handpicked each team member to create a strong foundation for the business to grow. Incredible customer service, attention to detail, innovative design and quality execution are qualities we have become known for. All of our designers understand the value of functional design, and even the most aesthetic components serve an underlying purpose. A positive attitude and passion for excellence are what set Creative Home Renovation apart. Call us for your pool , Kitchen, bathroom renovation today! Our great team dynamic is reflected in our work.

What to Do with Your Pool Renovation

Are you stuck on what to do for your pool renovation Adelaide? Well, we’re happy to share some inspiration! Some of the designs that have become increasingly popular are:

  • The Oasis: This organic style incorporates earthy elements. Trees, rocks, and raw wood can be utilised to replicate a natural spring in your own backyard.
  • Minimalist: If you’ve already got enough going on in your yard, sometimes it’s nice to take things back and go minimal. An infinity pool with a sleek deck and basic pool lounge will perfectly complement any space with a view.
  • Roman Baths: Roman and Grecian themed pools add timeless edge to your yard. Sandstone tiles, pillars and elegant statues give a nod to historian style that suits any environment!

We value engineer every project to make sure it aligns with your budget. Have a chat to us about the possibilities of your pool renovation Adelaide today!

Your pool renovation Adelaide could ultimately transform the way you experience the outdoors. They provide fun for the kids, an excuse for entertainment, and aesthetic values that are unmatched by other outdoor features. If you’d like Creative Home Renovations to help you come up with a timeless design,

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