Pool Renovations


Pool Renovations

If your pool is looking tired and in need of a little TLC, the team at Creative Home Renovations can help bring your pool back to life.

There are a number of techniques to revitalise even the most tired looking pools, but our team will initially perform an assessment of the existing pool to ensure the structure is sound, free from rust, cracking, and all plumbing services are in order.

Improving the aesthetics of the pool can dramatically improve its look and wow factor and will add value to the home as well. Our design team will work with the client to design a concept that enhances the look and function of the pool while remaining within budget.

Pool re-tiling is a common upgrade, whether it be a complete pool re-tile or a wide band around the pool perimeter. Pool tiles are commonly available in either ceramic or glass and although colours can vary, clients will often opt for a blue or green variant.

Adding pool lighting can enhance its night-time appearance as it reflects off the pool tiles. Temperature control with solar or gas heating can add a level of comfort for year-round usage of the pool. Considering these factors with the design team at Creative Home Renovations is one of the many key benefits of working with our company.

Pool coping can quickly give the appearance of a new looking pool. Depending on the clients tastes and budget, either a simple re-coping of the pool with tiles or pavers can be achieved. For an even greater impact, paving or tiling around the entire pool area will dramatically enhance its look and style.

A variety of porcelain tiles or natural stone pavers can be used around the pool. Creative Home Renovations’ new showroom hosts a dedicated selection of natural stone pavers and tiles including silver, light, or classic travertine, bluestone, granite and marble variants for clients preferring the natural range of stone.

Alternatively, for a seamless look, exposed concrete aggregate with seeded pebbles provides a stunning, low maintenance and comfortable surface around a pool.

Have a chat to our friendly staff about options for your pool renovation and what can be achieved.

Take a look at some pool inspiration below…

Please visit our Projects Gallery for Pool Renovations inspiration

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