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Vogue Porcelain Sheeting

14th of September 2016


Vogue Porcelain Sheeting

Tiles have experienced a number of changes over the past decade, with the most notable being size. As the production of larger format tiles continued to grow, this caused an increase in labour costs to handle and lay the larger and heavier tiles. The challenge was to produce a beautiful, large yet lightweight product.

Enter, Vogue porcelain sheeting.

Growing in popularity for a number of commercial and domestic applications, porcelain sheeting suit clients wanting to achieve a seamlessly tiled look, with minimal grout lines and maximum ‘wow’ factor. The sheeting is manufactured in Bologna, Italy and imported to Australia, where it is being used in massive quantities predominantly for industrial and domestic projects.
The benefits of the large sheeting are that once laid it looks like a sheet of marble or natural stone without all of the hassle that natural stone brings with it. With minimal grout lines it also means cleaning is minimised.

The sheeting has a large range of applications including bathroom walls, fireplaces, feature walls, outdoor areas and kitchen splashbacks. The sheets range in size, the largest being a massive 1600mm x 3200mm (pictured) and a staggeringly thin 6mm in thickness down to the more common 600mm x 600mm.

Creative Home Renovations, have integrated these porcelain sheets into their new showroom displays so they can be viewed in all their beauty.

According to Stephen Maio, Director of Creative Home Renovations, “laying the porcelain sheets can be a more involved process for the tilers to install, and depending on the substrate, the large style of sheeting may not be suitable. Many tilers simply do not have the training or capabilities to install these large tiles. Our team at Creative Home Renovations have been trained and are equipped with the necessary tools to work with this product for a variety of applications.”

An elegant and eye catching option for your new project.

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